We find great charitable orgs and businesses that promote peace, sustainability and wellness to make it easy for everybody to get involved.


Zen Remedy offers business mentorship, hands-on volunteer work, and financial donations to sustainable companies making a difference.



From helping Boys Grow Kansas City raise funds and awareness so they can build a culinary kitchen on their farm, to becoming a volunteer chair for the South Orange County Surfrider Foundation Chapter, with several notable causes in between —
Zen Remedy is building a community of volunteers who call attention to progressively meaningful and sustainable causes that create a healthy planet.


donate through lollipops

We've partnered with Amborella Organics to create a co-branded lollipop flavor, a treat that tastes great and produces little waste with its seed-bearing biodegradable stick. We wanted to give back to Mother Earth even more, so proceeds from the sale of this lollipop will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

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